How to get support

Assistance for Patients

If a genuinely needy patient needs to get a complex spine surgery done, substantial financial help can be arranged through Spine Research Foundation.

You have to visit the concerned consultant and get all the investigations done. Once a quotation for the surgery is available, you can apply for maximum possible help.

Usually there must be convincing evidence to prove your financial liabilities and your income. The policy of the foundation is to fund about two-thirds of the total cost, understanding that the remaining thirds will have to be raised by the patient party.

The amount of financial help is solely based on the discretion of the foundation.

The surgery is done usually at Park Clinic, 4 Gorky Terrace, Minto Park, Kolkata – 700017.

Assistance for Research Project

Getting help for a research project similarly should be applied for to the foundation and a detailed project report has to be submitted. The viability of the research, its feasibility in the present context and its relevance to modern day spine care of the patients has to be highlighted upon.

All applications to be addressed to:

The Managing Trustee,
Spine Research Foundation
44/1A, Ramdhan Mitra Lane
Kolkata – 700004
West Bengal